Retention and Reward Solutions

Keeping the people who contribute the most to your enterprise mission is one of the most necessary ingredients to enterprise health.  Our mission is to ensure your retention of your most capable and effective team members through periods of change, expansion, risk and systemic disruption.

We design and help you to deploy human capital reward and retention strategies grounded upon the competitive, operational and regulatory realities of the business sector within which your enterprise exists.

A substantial portion of our work is devoted to helping clients reward their employees and executives at optimal  market competitive levels, and we are the U S market leader on this subject largely because we do not utilize anecdotal or hyperbolic compensation information that is neither factual nor reliable.

Your competitive human capital marketplace is actually the geography your enterprise exists within as opposed to your enterprise identity or industry.  For example, a building materials manufacturer or a county government in Sacramento looking for an IT professional while only being interested in what building materials manufacturers or county governments in Sacramento pay for IT professionals has been a mistake since 2001.  Instead, banks, distilleries, food manufacturers, hospitals, retailers, universities and vegetable growers near Sacramento that employ IT professionals contributes magnificently to the competitive compensation standard.  That is a large part of why industry associations and trade journals are among the least useful sources of factual compensation data.

We utilize only the most trusted and respected compensation data provided by 3 highly reliable survey companies as well as our own customized survey data collected and documented 4 times per year.  Our Market Compensation Analysis work is grounded upon actual current compensation practices no more than 90 days old within the marketplaces where our clients exist and employ human capital.  For a snipped sample of one of our many Market Compensation Analysis data reporting formats recently completed for a mid-west USA 3,300 employee client, Click here.

And, for a partial guide to ensuring productive, rational and competitive compensation within your enterprise, Click here.

We ensure that your reward system and human capital motivation/retention systems are best-in-class, easily understood, market data based, strategically linked, directly supportive of client financial and strategic objectives, and actually work to drive enterprise results to the benefit of all stakeholders.