Executive Mentoring

Nearly all small and large organizations, U.S. and international, have undergone very significant business challenges during the last 9 to 12 years. At the same time, political and societal changes have rather frequently caused some leaders to unknowingly embark on personal paths of self-obsolescence while change occurs around them, with habits remaining rather constant.

All the while, the primary constant has been the need in most enterprises and industries to continually improving competitive, efficiency, technological, production and financial performance.

Our individual executive mentoring services provide focused and organizational results centered assistance, perspective, development and direction to executives while being grounded upon business reality that is P&L and balance sheet grounded.

Our individually customized executive development methods provide a system that helps the client organization and its executives develop in a manner that overtly and directly supports the business objectives of the enterprise.

Less formal and structured than executive “coaching”, a successful executive mentoring methodology is nearly always a transforming experience with permanent results in terms of expanding the worldview and capability of executives to create measurably improved organizational results for lengthy periods of time.

When executive development is undertaken effectively nearly always the mentored executive then remains on a continual self-development track with the ability to contribute exceptionally under ever changing enterprise circumstances.

Our mentoring engagements generally last for between 3 and 6 months with permanent capability improvement being observed nearly always beginning in 3 to 7 weeks.