Executive Mentoring

Nearly all small and large organizations, U.S. and international, have undergone very significant business challenges during the last 9 years. At the same time, the desire by shareholders and owners for significant organizational performance improvement has intensified largely as the result of market and competitive challenges and a rightful desire for continually improving competitive, efficiency, technology and financial performance.

Our individual and group executive mentoring services provide focused and organizational results centered assistance, perspective, development and direction to executives while being grounded upon business reality that is P&L focused.

The manner with which our assistance is implemented varies from organization to organization and from executive to executive, but the underlying philosophy is similar. Our process provides a system that helps the client organization and its executives develop in a manner that overtly and directly support the business objectives of the enterprise.

The unfortunate reality is that when “executive coaching” is used, a sports model of coaching most often occurs. However, the behaviors of the “coach” can range from Bobby Knight to Vince Lombardi. In sports, coaches get fired but players rarely do. That is because the coach holds all responsibility for the results of the relationship. The monkey is never transferred to the shoulders of the individual being coached. The coach is always within view of the individual being coached and the coach calls all or most of the plays. Very few professional sports players become successful coaches largely because when an individual is “coached” they tend to become dependent upon being coached rather than become outstanding at the performance of their duties.

The “coach” model has very negligible impact upon the professional capabilities of senior executives for those reasons alone. In summary, to mentor is to teach or guide rather than call the shots. When accomplished mentors are utilized at senior executive levels and the mentoring system itself is structured properly, performance improvement and future capability levels improve 30% to 40% between 60% and 80% of the time.

Less formal and structured than executive coaching, a proper executive mentoring methodology is nearly always a transforming experience with permanent results in terms of expanding the worldview and capability of executives to create measurably improved organizational results.

Our mentoring engagements generally last for only between 3 and 6 months with permanent capability improvement being observed nearly always beginning in 3 to 7 weeks.