Our Corporate Governance practice provides significant guidance to Boards of Directors and Board committees of public companies and companies desiring to become public in areas related to financial structuring and reporting, organizational structure, executive compensation and perquisites, leadership necessities, international expansion, and business ethics among other key Board subjects.

Our Board Committee Advisory Practice is focused heavily on executive compensation, nominating and governance subjects.  Our approach to these topics is based on pragmatism, simplicity and the peaceful elimination of the errors or mistakenly clouded visions that may be occurring or be at risk of occurring within the enterprise. We provide senior executives and Board/Committee members with easily actionable guidance that legitimately improves organizational performance while reducing or eliminating related risk and exposure for executives and the company.

We help you ensure that the internal workings of the enterprise reasonably reflect what those inside and outside of your company expect and in most cases, require.

We are not an accounting firm or a law firm, and we have no audit practice. As a result, you can rest assured that we will provide you and your organization with simple solutions and recommendations that are free of doublespeak, complexity and delay.

The most common feedback that we receive from our Board clients is, “We are glad you are here with us and not with our competition”.