Why We’re Different

Nearly 80% of our business comes from client referrals, and since our founding 25 years ago we have no bad debt.  Those outcomes have resulted from our practice of doing what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it.

We provide exceptionally high value engagement results, rapidly.  We do not utilize consulting methods that complicate client operations, add consulting expense, or elongate engagement time frames.  We also do not crowd our clients with consultants because they deserve to receive assistance from individuals who are broadly capable and proven improvement agents, rather than from many consultants who cover for each other’s inexperience or inability.

Our work is nearly always undertaken on an engagement fee basis because it has been 2 to 4 decades since any of us were hourly employees with hourly capability sets.  We respond to client requests very rapidly and always on the same day, no matter where we are on the planet. We do not practice the common consulting techniques of adding profit margins to engagement expenses, charging for travel time or for any form of communication, or billing a “minimum” amount for anything.  Said another way, if it will not affect your bottom line positively and directly we will not do it.  And never have.

Because we do not employ proposal writers, the consultant who proposes your engagement will have written your proposal. He or she will also be the consultant who leads the engagement with very limited exceptions. This causes client solutions to occur more quickly, at lower cost, and with much longer lasting results.

Our success comes exclusively from giving you solutions to your most pressing people and financial challenges…quickly, very thoroughly, and peacefully.