Mission and Culture Are Not Rocket Science

Mission and Culture ≠ Rocket Science

Fifty years ago, one enterprise mounted and succeeded at what nearly all people agree is the greatest accomplishment by humans in the history of the world, not yet surpassed for a half-century.

The 2 most important ingredients of that success on July 20, 1969 in descending order of importance were the people aboard Apollo 11 and the 240 people at Mission Control back on earth.  It was a breathtaking engineering and logistical achievement and not since Apollo 17 in 1972 has any human been back on the moon.

Complete alignment between Mission and Human Capital Culture is the primary ingredient of business health and success although that leadership algorithm is frequently corrupted when Mission and Culture are misaligned and in particular, when either of those 2 aspects of business propulsion is fashioned around diversionary subjects of little or no importance to customers and markets.

Through our work with a large U. S. client enterprise that we began our work with back in January 2017 and with the help of an even larger German client enterprise that we then began our work with in November 2017 we have again had our work and client outcomes on the topic of Enterprise Mission vis-à-vis Enterprise Culture affirmed.  And, each affirmation rhymes with each prior affirmation occurring since 1997 on this subject, on a global basis.


Any enterprise without a widely published and seldom changing Mission indelibly focused upon customers and financial outcomes remains in a mode of perpetual comparative degradation, even if slow, within increasingly competitive economies.


Any enterprise without a widely published and seldom changing workplace Culture indelibly focused upon customers and financial outcomes while being largely the same as its’ Mission remains in the same mode of perpetual comparative degradation within increasingly competitive economies.


The often-repeated admonishment credited to many dubious philosophers without P&L experience, “People don’t leave jobs; they leave toxic work cultures” is false.

In fact, people leave jobs for hundreds of widely varying reasons.  Over 80% of people alleging workplace cultural toxicity as they depart or are terminated are employees with capabilities and contributions significantly below employer performance requirements AND the contributions of most other employees.  As a direct result, those individuals tend to be disciplined or discharged…what they falsely define as “toxic work culture” instead of being defined factually by them as not contributing positively to enterprise results.


Because we have confidentiality agreements with our Mission and Culture clients largely as the result of their observation that their Missions and Cultures are now what is creating much of their improving efficiencies and financial results, we are not able to identify those clients here.  But we will name 2 non-client enterprises to evidence the facts noted above.

The American Red Cross mission is, “Preventing and alleviating human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.”

And, the Southwest Airlines mission is “Dedication to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit.”

As observed by most or all customers served by each of those enterprises, Mission and Culture are as tightly aligned in each enterprise as 2 peas in a pod.  Their Cultures result directly from and actually sustain their Missions without diversion by the ancillary and occasionally dubious topics espoused by certain enterprises as key ingredients of their stated or unstated Cultures.


It is crucial for enterprises to avoid slow or rapid degradation of operating and financial results caused by their failure to ensure that all human activities within the business are focused upon customers and continually improving enterprise results.

In so doing, we and our clients have observed without exception since 1997 that what employees and executives then think of the enterprise provides an exceptional competitive advantage as it relates to lower employee turnover, higher labor productivity, increased margins, improved product and service quality, greater customer retention, improved brand, and lower G&A expense.

Therein lies what is the sole purpose of Mission and Culture within the enterprises pulling away from and staying ahead of the pack.

Our next Proven Solution will provide the most beneficial and simple way to do all of that, proven and refined by us and our U S and global clients since 1997.  And, you will likely then observe that workplace Culture has become the Three-Card Monte (Google it) of business distraction in many cases.


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