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On January 21st we were contacted by the President of a large public company in Texas on referral from a long-term client of ours based in Los Angeles.  His company is in significant growth mode and he posed a question facing all rapidly growing enterprises, sometimes without their knowledge at their own peril.

His question was, “We are in rapid acquisition and growth mode.  How do we separate the wheat from the chaff while knowing with certainty who our highest capability and best contributors will be for 4 years of significant growth, major change, and at least 2 acquisitions?”  We then talked for 25 minutes on this subject before he asked that we meet at his office on February 5th.  The essence of what I shared by telephone was that the solution to his concern is usually quite simple.


During times of acquisition and growth 2 of the 9 most important capabilities of Best Contributor executives who create exceptional near-term AND long-term business result improvements without resulting “Neutron Bomb” destruction (see below) are:

  • Best Contributors are followed energetically by other employees and executives while inspiring consistent focus upon strategic objectives, while having themselves produced measurable numerical result improvements during the prior 24 months at a minimum.  Best Contributors with very long half-lives of contribution tend to have a following crowd that is forever growing as well as no symptomatic drawbacks of non-Best Contributors.  After all, how can results grow exponentially unless the crowd growing the results grows exponentially?   And, differentiating those 2 populations using accurately predictive techniques is crucial.    Most important, Best Contributors are always focused nearly exclusively upon customers and numerical results and NOT upon meetings, PowerPoint’s, conferences, unnecessary travel, excessive small talk, work absence, endless analyses, association certifications, passing fads, internal politics and esoteric subjects.  And,
  • Non-Best Contributors tend to have fairly universal limitations such as the 11 capability limiters included within the last sentence of the above bullet point.  For instance, no persons who are distracted by endless analyses and esoteric subjects can possibly be Best Contributors to business success even if they disguise themselves otherwise.  Non-Best Contributors nearly always exhibit symptoms of non-contribution and passive damage that are subtle in comparison to the roadblocks they create and what they generally are unable to produce for improved efficiencies and results.  These limitations can be either subconscious or disguised for the purpose of self-preservation in order to continue receiving paychecks.  Yes, non-Best Contributors frequently impersonate Best Contributors and they tend to have 1 to 3 vocal supporters usually within their same enterprise silo.  Best Contributors tend to have 4 to 400 vocal supporters within many enterprise silos.  It is important that key leaders always be mindful of these limiting attributes that are commonly missed by non-discerning individuals as could have otherwise occurred in the image below regarding a non-Best Contributor in the vehicle’s driver’s seat.  In this case the officer was discerning about the non-Best Contributor evidence painted on the vehicle trunk that many other people would either miss or not accurately translate.



Knowing with clarity and reliability who your Best Contributors are is crucial to acquisition and business growth success, as well as continually improving financial results.

Your primary jobs as a key leader are to replicate your Best Contributors, recruit and retain only Best Contributors, rapidly develop those who are able to become Best Contributors, and create continuously improving numerical results through your Best Contributors.


The W-70 “Neutron Bomb” was war ordnance developed by the USA beginning in the late 1950’s and was very widely protested throughout Europe between 1977 and 1982.  It was a bomb designed to “kill humans while leaving buildings standing”.  It was never actually utilized in combat and the last W-70 in existence was dismantled in 2011.

“Neutron Bomb” enterprise destruction occurs at the hands of Non-Best Contributors who create results while damaging or destroying people.  In business under that circumstance all buildings remain standing while many people do not, resulting in what has been commonly referred to as “brain drain” and what we tend to refer to as “enterprise death on the installment plan”.

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