Global Work Styles Inventory

The Global Work Styles Inventory™ (GWSI) is an individual assessment tool that provides the participant with an enlightening personal profile in terms of eight distinctly different global work styles. The GWSI is a self-evaluation instrument based upon extensive anthropological research, the work of noted international authors, as well as 18 years of global training and consulting experience.

The GWSI was developed by us as a tool for assessing personal work styles and their implications for working globally…successfully. Understanding your own personal work styles is the first step in working across cultures. Differences in global work styles can result in miscommunication, ineffective meetings, excess expense, international expansion failure, and delays in meeting deadlines.

The GWSI allows individuals and teams to analyze the implications of their personal or group work styles and develop action plans to improve specific business and management situations on a global basis. For example, the GWSI helps you and your organization to successfully:

  • Improve global leadership
  • Create effort alignment across and between continents
  • Increase global human capital alignment
  • Raise global team performance
  • Develop clear knowledge of foreign marketplaces
  • Understand and respond to business unit performance roadblocks
  • Enhance global diversity initiatives
  • Negotiate across cultures
  • Greatly increase the success of overseas assignments

The GWSI is an Internet based assessment that takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and focuses on general preferences, not behaviors or competencies. The GWSI provides a profile of your personal preferences along a continuum of 8 global work styles. The results allow you to compare your preferences with the preferences of a customer, colleague, competitor or co-worker leading to dramatically improved individual and business results.

The GWSI is most frequently used within universities and within our client organizations for these and other purposes:

  • To understand the impact of culture in global business
  • To prepare individuals and teams to meet the challenges of global business
  • To assist managers in leveraging cultural diversity for competitive advantage
  • To develop self-awareness of your own work styles
  • To greatly improve cross-cultural and international business, financial and competitive results
  • To strategize ways to adapt behaviors or processes to improve team effectiveness and performance

For a sample Global Work Styles Inventory™ assessment report, [Click here] and to complete the Global Work Styles Inventory™ assessment, [Click here].