Global Work Styles Inventory (GWSI)

To learn the Global Work Styles Inventory™ (GWSI) Assessment Scales & Definitions [Click here].  For a sample GWSI Assessment Report [Click here].  And for a sample GWSI Cross-Cultural Capability Summary Report [Click here].

We have now introduced significant updates to the GWSI with Version 3.0 introduced on April 18, 2019.  This update includes significant technical, visual and assessment process/reporting improvements to benefit our clients and individual assessment purchasers.

In use around the world by businesses, universities and individuals, the GWSI is now the go-to assessment for individual and team cross-cultural and Work Style capability growth and business results improvements.

It is an individual assessment that provides participants with a clear comparative profile according to 8 distinct global work style scales comprised of two sub-scales within each of those 8 major scales. It is  founded upon extensive anthropological research, client enterprise experiences, the work of noted international authors, as well as 27 years of global training and consulting experience by our firm in over 40 countries.  It has been developed with the help of the in-country experiences of our consultants and clients on all continents.

The GWSI was developed as a tool for assessing personal work styles and their implications for working successfully, globally. Understanding your own personal work styles while working across borders and human styles is the first crucial step in working successfully away from home and across cultures.

Without the GWSI and our individual and/or team development programs if desired, differences in global work styles result inevitably in miscommunication, conflict, ineffective relationships, excess expense, reduced human productivity, international expansion failure, delays in meeting deadlines, and reduced enterprise financial results.

The GWSI helps you and your enterprise to successfully:

  • Develop individual and team cross-cultural capabilities
  • Improve global leader capabilities
  • Create effort alignment across and between continents
  • Increase global human capital alignment
  • Dramatically improve brand reputation in foreign lands
  • Improve global and remote team performance
  • Develop clear knowledge of foreign marketplaces and how best to navigate them
  • Determine whether to expand or not to expand to foreign locations
  • Determine the most capable individuals to work with international stakeholders
  • Understand and respond to business unit performance roadblocks
  • Hire fewer people while avoiding cross-cultural human inefficiencies
  • Enhance domestic and global diversity initiatives
  • Negotiate successfully across cultures
  • Determine what business objectives may or may not be wisely delegated to foreign locations
  • Greatly increase the success of international employee and executive relocation’s

It is an Internet based 96 question assessment that takes approximately 35 minutes to complete and focuses on habitual preferences and work styles as opposed to functional competencies. It provides a profile of personal preferences along a reliable and valid continuum of 8 global work styles that vary widely among countries and cultures. The results allow comparison of one’s Work Style with the styles of customers, colleagues, competitors, coworkers, prospects and vendors, leading to dramatically improved individual and business results.

To complete the Global Work Styles Inventory™ assessment, please contact us through either method noted below.