GWSI 3.0

Version 3.0 of the Global Work Styles Inventory includes significant technical, visual and assessment construct/reporting enhancements to benefit our client enterprise and individual assessment purchasers.  Its  capabilities now include cross-cultural and global capability development reporting as well as Work Styles assessment of candidates for employment and promotion.

Highly effective Work Styles are distinct and separate from personalities and can either be hired or developed.  Knowing individual Work Styles and capabilities at the front door and then if necessary developing them after people are hired is crucial.

The GWSI is a highly reliable (91% test-retest reliability, 2019) assessment that provides individuals, teams and client enterprises with a clear assessment of individual Work Style capabilities in comparison to 8 distinct assessment scales comprised of 16 sub-scales.  It is  founded upon extensive anthropological research, client enterprise experience, the work of noted international researchers and authors, as well as 27 years of global training and consulting experience by our firm with clients in over 40 countries.  It has been developed specifically from the experiences of and lessons learned by our consultants and clients on all continents in 40 countries.

The GWSI is the go-to assessment for individual and team cross-cultural and Work Style capability measurement and improvement resulting directly in business outcome growth.

One version of the GWSI is for Work Style assessment of supervisors, managers and executives prior to hire or promotion, and one version of the GWSI is for individual cross-cultural  assessment and development frequently for international business purposes with Work Style coaching assistance from one of our consultants.

  • For the GWSI Assessment Scales & Definitions [Click here].
  • For sample GWSI Assessment Questions [Click here].
  • For a sample GWSI Global Capability Developmental Assessment Report [Click here].
  • For a sample GWSI high correlation Hiring Assessment Report [Click here].
  • For a sample GWSI low correlation Hiring Assessment Report [Click here].
  • For a sample GWSI Cross-Cultural Capability Summary Report [Click here].
  • For the senior executive questionnaire that we utilize as 1 of 2 steps to document an enterprise’s Optimal Work Style Pattern for supervisors, managers and executives [Click here].

Without the GWSI and our individual and/or team development programs if desired, substantial differences in Work Styles frequently result in miscommunication, functional conflict, decision making and production delays, cross-cultural conflicts, ineffective working relationships, excess expense, reduced human productivity, international expansion failure, missed deadlines, and financial results limitations.  Two of the main ingredients of enterprise results improvement are people and their Work Style capabilities.

The GWSI helps your enterprise successfully:

  • Ensure that supervisors, managers and executives hired are or can become Work Style capable.
  • Develop individual and team Work Style capabilities.
  • Undertake substantial enterprise growth.
  • Increase human capital alignment within your company and between continents, if applicable.
  • Improve remote team performance.
  • Determine how best to expand to foreign locations.
  • Eliminate inability to contribute or produce as a cause of management turnover.
  • Know whether individual Work Styles will immediately contribute to business results.
  • Determine the most capable individuals to work with international stakeholders.
  • Dramatically improve brand quality and reputation.
  • Understand and respond to business unit performance roadblocks.
  • Improve self-awareness of cultural differences while building cross-cultural partnerships.
  • Hire fewer people while avoiding Work Style inefficiencies.
  • Dramatically reduce mistaken hires, promotions and transfers.
  • Expand successfully to new markets.
  • Enhance domestic and global diversity initiatives.
  • Negotiate and work successfully across cultures.
  • Determine what business objectives may or may not be wisely delegated to distant locations.
  • Greatly increase the success of executives and managers with leadership responsibilities and/or international stakeholder relationships.

The GWSI is a 96 question Internet-based assessment that takes approximately 35 minutes to complete and focuses on professional behaviors and individual Work Styles as opposed to functional competencies and personalities.

For price information including volume purchase discounts or to complete the GWSI assessment, please contact us through either method shown below.