Damage From Distraction


A significant challenge that we are frequently retained by clients in 6 countries to rectify is what they describe as “an inability to get things done around here as quickly as they need to be done”.  Their usually stated symptoms include reduced labor efficiency, increased variable expense, excess meetings, laborious decision making, customer losses, financial results slippage, recruitment difficulty and/or increasing employee turnover.

We have found almost without exception that employees and executives within those businesses have not become less capable; they have instead become more distracted.  Such distractions are classified by us as “Stranded Time”.

Metastasizing distraction is an insidious destructive force in terms of financial results and enterprise brand 100% of the time.

Our services revolve significantly around Inefficiency Elimination and Distraction Mitigation.  If you have sensed growing internal results roadblocks you may rest assured that you are not alone, and that distraction and/or inefficiency are likely underlying causes.

While many organizations relish calling themselves Continuous Learning Environments, they sometimes forget that much more learning occurs at more rapid paces of contribution than occurs at slower rates of contribution.  That is largely because more failures and more successes (learning experiences) occur at higher speeds…with less money then needing to be spent on training, additional headcount and rework.

For decades, many executives and businesses have had great difficulty establishing, defining, correcting and improving enterprise cultures in order to grow operating and financial results because enterprise culture has in many cases evolved over time from limiting and frequently dubious enterprise habits.

Because culture is talked and commiserated about frequently without being acted upon, we have learned that “Culture improvement is more easily DONE than SAID.”   When approached shrewdly, culture and business outcomes improvement can be accomplished easily, peacefully and rapidly to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Here is one of the 7 Holy Grail’s on this culture subject, and Nike has said the same thing using different words since 1988:

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