Organizational Assessment & Design

Like an aircraft or a boat, an organization’s efficiency and speed to destination are very heavily impacted by its design, load, and weight distribution. And if excess meetings and decision delays are endemic to your enterprise, you most likely exist within an inadequate organizational design.

One very large challenge in the business world is that of getting people to agree on objectives that very frequently have no common value to them. Yet, an organization’s design is what can most effectively create necessary agreement the quickest. It is generally the organizational design that creates or enables positive and growing results without excess expense.

Ineffective organizational designs are not reflected directly in any general ledger, but their cost is seismic in terms of lowered organizational productivity and efficiency as well as the ability to compete.  This challenge is analogous to the “Boiling Frog” fable described here:

The experiences of our clients indicate that over 75% of the time a major redesign of their organizations was not necessary. More frequently, the solution lies in minor organizational structure and staffing adjustments. Our solutions in this area are designed to peacefully create an organization that is exceptionally productive, fully supportive of the entire organization’s strategic intent, and able to change as necessitated by business and market forces.

In a large percentage of cases, any necessary redesign necessity can be mapped to certain individuals who have unknowingly and without ill intentions created such need for organizational redesign.

Nearly 70% of researched organizational disintegrations can be traced to organizational structure or leadership failures that either contributed to the failed structure or flowed from it.

Highly successful enterprises operate at high speed and we have said for decades, “Speed is the only competitive advantage that a business can have that costs it nothing”.  We will be pleased to discuss this subject with you if you have such an interest.