Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

We provide our clients with complete human asset due diligence prior to and during their merger, divestiture and acquisition pursuits. We assist the acquiring, acquired, or both organizations in their attempt to bring the organizations together in the most expedient and beneficial way. After the businesses are combined, we aid the new entity in a manner that eliminates negative human effects and operationally unintended consequences.

With exceptionally successful mergers and acquisitions, the purpose of the transaction is generally to create a better, larger, and more efficient organization both operationally and financially. We and our clients have found that the success key is to align employee capabilities and motivations in the direction of combined entity results much more effectively than existed previously within either entity, while peacefully eliminating resistance to necessary change.

Tough decisions will inevitably need to be made.  However very large mistakes can be avoided provided wrongful assumptions are not utilized regarding human motives and capabilities, organizational designs, determinations as to who shall lead, executive reward systems, and who stays or departs.