Executive Search

Our executive search methodology is substantially more effective than that used by most other search firms in terms of both candidate quality and search timeframes. Only 1 of our hired candidates has needed to be replaced by us during our 26 years of business. And, our average time taken for filling executive positions is 57 days.

We also have a practice of never charging any separate administrative fees. And, our methodology for finding and placing key executives is grounded solidly upon the best practices of the client executives with whom we interact around the world.

We rapidly surface only exceptional candidates exclusively for positions with base salaries between $80,000 and $650,000, and for positions with very significant organizational and leadership impact. We undertake a very limited number of searches each year, so that each search may be performed as quickly as possible and with few candidate sources that are “off limits” to us.

We know where to go for candidates who will best match your organization’s needs and desires.  We determine the very specific nature of the available position by working with you, and we then formulate a search road map and detailed position specification with your assistance.

Many organizations have found that their current search methodology provides large numbers of “C” candidates.  Inevitably, those organizations find themselves narrowing their searches to one final candidate who in many cases is the best of the worst.

It is a sad reality that “A’s” hire A’s and “C’s” frequently hire “F’s”, so our search methodologies are aimed only at “A’s” on a measurable basis.

We do 100% of the screening for you and we meet personally with any candidates who are presented to you for your consideration. Nearly all our searches are completed after two or three candidates are presented…and many are completed after only one candidate is presented to the client by us.

Our search fees are generally between 25% and 28% of the placed candidate’s first year’s base compensation including hiring and target incentive, if any. To your benefit, this means that the days of your enterprise paying a 30% to 35% fee plus a 10% administrative charge are over.

And so are the very long waits before your executive positions are filled with outstanding results.