Enterprise Design/Results Improvement

It is easy to fall into the common trap of thinking that changing an organization’s structure will address an organization’s problems.  That was the failed magic wand of most large restructurings and massive layoffs occurring between 1991 and 2004.

Structure should actually be the last thing that is changed.  Otherwise, the change will have over an 85% chance of not sustaining itself as shown during the above referenced 13 year period.

The biggest reason why many organizational restructurings have not produced meaningful ROI’s  is because necessary foundational interventions have not occurred prior to changing the lines and boxes on the organization chart.  Since 2004 our clients have found that some of the most common necessary earlier interventions have been required on subjects like clarifying and simplifying accountabilities, changing how people are rewarded, hiring and promoting people more wisely, eliminating non-productive meetings and rationalizing business travel along with 11 other common enterprise result limiting subjects.

Ineffective organization symptoms are not delineated in the general ledger but their cost is seismic in terms of lowered organizational productivity and efficiency as well as reduced ability to compete, usually on a gradual basis as described here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boiling_frog

Our solutions on this subject create enterprises that are exceptionally productive, fully supportive of mission and strategic intent, and able to change as necessitated by business and market forces.  Our enterprise results improvement methodologies in most cases take only 6 to 18 weeks without negative enterprise reverberations to any degree.

As we have shared for decades, “Speed is the only competitive advantage that a business can have that costs it nothing”.  And that has frequently been one of the first manifestations of our client organizational results improvement work since 2004.