Employee & Customer Surveys

To stay competitive while ensuring that your organization moves beyond the indifference curve of your executives, employees and customers, your approach to each of those populations must be constantly responsive, market-driven, equitable, performance-based and dynamic.

With our customized surveys, you and your leadership team will have the information necessary to make informed operational and human resource management decisions so that all efforts and actions are synchronized with your business goals and objectives.

We provide the most effective, quickest, and usually the least expensive methodology for validly measuring and responding to employee and/or customer satisfaction subjects.

Unlike most other consulting firms, we do not utilize a single standardized survey while leading clients to believe that there is value in comparing their survey results to dubious industrial and geographic supposed norms of unknown origin.  To the contrary, all our surveys are customized for single client use so that survey results may be compared only with client desires and objectives.  Nearly all our survey clients utilize our survey methodology every 12 to 24 months to comparatively determine progress on subjects of organizational health and effectiveness over the long term.

We perform these surveys around the world in 11 languages and our survey response rates of 65% to 93% are substantially higher than other consulting firms.

Our proprietary survey methodology provides fully relational analysis of survey responses according to any number of respondent demographic identifiers.  Very importantly, there are never extra fees charged by us for reporting survey result data in whatever ways our clients desire in order to know accurately where their strengths and opportunities exist.

For example, if you wish to know what salaried males with more than 10 years of service, employed in Colorado or France with advanced degrees think, we can provide that easily and quickly.

We are committed to making sure that our surveys and the clear data they generate are useful to our clients for improving business results.  Our survey clients find it fascinating to observe the direct relationship between employee/customer feedback and the competitive/financial fortunes of their enterprises.

You may rest assured that our survey methods and results are clear, reliable, valid, actionable, easily interpreted and immediately useful for enterprise capability and result improvement purposes.