Damage From Distraction

–DAMAGE FROM DISTRACTION- A significant challenge that we are frequently retained by clients in 6 countries to rectify is what they describe as “an inability to get things done around here as quickly as they need to be done”.  Their usually stated symptoms include reduced labor efficiency, increased variable expense, excess meetings, laborious decision making, […]

The Necessity Of Mandatory Execution

-THE NECESSITY OF MANDATORY EXECUTION- An increasingly frequent enterprise performance roadblock is that of individual leaders and/or leadership teams unable to get things done on a timely basis.  Analyses are completed, meetings occur, decisions are either avoided or delayed, lists of things waiting to be done lengthen, and results remain constant. One Midwest USA CEO […]

Executive Hiring…Improving Their Return On Your Investment

-EXECUTIVE HIRING…IMPROVING THEIR RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT- Our last article, “Ensuring That Your Performance And Reward Systems Do Not Do Compensatory Damage”, engendered a great deal of interest and a large number of readers asked us to specifically touch upon our experience and recommendations in the area of executive hiring and compensation. As a result, some […]

Ensuring That Your Reward And Performance Management Systems Do Not Create Compensatory Damage

-ENSURING YOUR REWARD SYSTEMS DO NO “COMPENSATORY DAMAGE”- A universal and expensive challenge for each and every business around the globe is that of compensating employees for their efforts. This challenge is more complex in the United States than in most other countries due to the convergence of federal, state and local laws and because […]

Proven Leadership Strategies During Challenging Economic Times

-PROVEN LEADERSHIP STRATEGIES DURING CHALLENGING TIMES- We have been in plenty of doors within almost every business sector and industry and have observed that not many organizational leaders have a strategy or plan for the near term, let alone the long term. There are many factors as to why, including fear of the unknown, the […]

Busyness…Its Impact On Your Organization

  Introduction Worker productivity is higher than it has ever been as companies have tightened their financial belts over the last 18 to 24 months. Individuals have been, and continue to perform their duties as well as the duties of others, as positions have been eliminated and not replaced. From a financial perspective, the good […]