How To Assess Employment Assessments

►How To Assess Employment Assessments◄ (Assessment science is a fairly complex subject, with this article describing some of it in summary form.  Please call or email us with questions on the topic of employment assessments and we will be pleased to answer them.)   OPTIMIZED HIRING AND PROMOTION- Optimized Hiring and Promotion is the candidate evaluation method […]

Another Dive Into The Bureaucracy Wreck

►ANOTHER DIVE INTO THE  BUREAUCRACY WRECK◄ This solution expands upon our 03/14/19 solution. Click Here For That Solution   Our March 14, 2019 Proven Solution article on the subject of bureaucracy has generated many more telephone calls and Emails to us than any prior article published by us. Included below are 8 of the questions […]

The “Bureaucracy vs. Financial Results” Case

►THE “BUREAUCRACY vs. FINANCIAL RESULTS” CASE◄   THE NEED FOR SPEED- Since 1996 we have shared with clients, “speed is the only competitive advantage in business that costs nothing”. Increased enterprise speed tends to have no capital or cash expense associated with the improved financial outcomes it creates.  Simply stated, speed improvements have translated directly […]

How To Know If Sufficient Candidate Soft Skills Exist

►HOW TO KNOW IF SUFFICIENT CANDIDATE “SOFT SKILLS” EXIST◄   FOREWORD- Many businesses mistakenly hire and promote for work skills as opposed to contribution capabilities.  Said another way, they frequently hire for “fit” and then fire for “performance”. Through background checks, employment applications, LinkedIn, resumes, and reference information, “Hard Skills” candidate assessment is the simplest […]

Preventing Reward System Death Spirals

►PREVENTING REWARD SYSTEM DEATH SPIRALS◄ Occam’s Razor is a principal attributed to Middle Ages Philosopher and Franciscan Friar William of Occam.  It asserts that when solving problems people should select solutions with the fewest possible assumptions in order to dramatically reduce ambiguities, inconsistencies and failures.  Unfortunately, on subjects of enterprise compensation this principle is frequently lost […]

Best Contributors For Business Growth

►BEST CONTRIBUTORS FOR BUSINESS GROWTH◄ On January 21st we were contacted by the President of a large public company in Texas on referral from a long-term client of ours based in Los Angeles.  His company is in significant growth mode and he posed a question facing all rapidly growing enterprises, sometimes without their knowledge at […]