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The COVID-19 Survival Recipe

►The COVID-19 Survival Recipe◄   On March 2, 2020 we were retained by a large long-term client with headquarters near Milan, Italy to assist their 500-year old global enterprise with surviving and then recovering from the global COVID-19 pandemic. Since that date 9 other U S and international enterprises have sought our assistance while accepting […]

Enterprise Survival and Revival

►Enterprise Survival and Revival◄ The President of a nearly 500-year old Italian company east of Milan shared with us early last week, “L’Italia come piatto di Petri per il Coronavirus mi preoccupa molto.” Translated to English that means “Italy as the petri dish for the Coronavirus troubles me greatly.” A senior manager within another client […]

Preventing Hyperbolic Company Cultures

►Preventing Hyperbolic Company Cultures◄   Our July 23, 2019 article here is still generating much interest among senior executives who have been grappling with amorphous and non-contributory enterprise cultures for years based upon their writings to us.  This article will confirm if your enterprise is so situated and if so, how to stop digging that […]

Mission and Culture Are Not Rocket Science

►Mission and Culture ≠ Rocket Science◄ Fifty years ago, one enterprise mounted and succeeded at what nearly all people agree is the greatest accomplishment by humans in the history of the world, not yet surpassed for a half-century. The 2 most important ingredients of that success on July 20, 1969 in descending order of importance […]

Eliminating Decision-Making Delays

►Eliminating Decision-Making Delays◄ THE SHADOW OF THE LEADER- Our consistent observation gained from nearly 3 decades of work with enterprises ranging from highly successful to barely successful is that effective decision-making outcomes are usually directly correlated to the speed with which business decisions are made. The majority of decisions needing to be made in business […]

What Makes The A-Team Tick?

►What Makes The “A-Team” Tick?◄   THE GENESIS OF THIS SUBJECT- Our January 27, 2019 Proven Solution entitled, “Best Contributors For Business Growth” is what has led us to this Proven Solution about A-Teams.  The earlier article led 2 enterprises to seek our assistance in determining precisely who their change agent executives are while also […]

How To Assess Employment Assessments

►How To Assess Employment Assessments◄ (Assessment science is a fairly complex subject, with this article describing some of it in summary form.  Please call or email us with questions on the topic of employment assessments and we will be pleased to answer them.)   OPTIMIZED HIRING AND PROMOTION- Optimized Hiring and Promotion is the candidate evaluation method […]

Another Dive Into The Bureaucracy Wreck

►ANOTHER DIVE INTO THE  BUREAUCRACY WRECK◄ This solution expands upon our 03/14/19 solution. Click Here For That Solution   Our March 14, 2019 Proven Solution article on the subject of bureaucracy has generated many more telephone calls and Emails to us than any prior article published by us. Included below are 8 of the questions […]

The “Bureaucracy vs. Financial Results” Case

►THE “BUREAUCRACY vs. FINANCIAL RESULTS” CASE◄   THE NEED FOR SPEED- Since 1996 we have shared with clients, “speed is the only competitive advantage in business that costs nothing”. Increased enterprise speed tends to have no capital or cash expense associated with the improved financial outcomes it creates.  Simply stated, speed improvements have translated directly […]

How To Know If Sufficient Candidate Soft Skills Exist

►HOW TO KNOW IF SUFFICIENT CANDIDATE “SOFT SKILLS” EXIST◄   FOREWORD- Many businesses mistakenly hire and promote for work skills as opposed to contribution capabilities.  Said another way, they frequently hire for “fit” and then fire for “performance”. Through background checks, employment applications, LinkedIn, resumes, and reference information, “Hard Skills” candidate assessment is the simplest […]

Preventing Reward System Death Spirals

►PREVENTING REWARD SYSTEM DEATH SPIRALS◄ Occam’s Razor is a principal attributed to Middle Ages Philosopher and Franciscan Friar William of Occam.  It asserts that when solving problems people should select solutions with the fewest possible assumptions in order to dramatically reduce ambiguities, inconsistencies and failures.  Unfortunately, on subjects of enterprise compensation this principle is frequently lost […]

Best Contributors For Business Growth

►BEST CONTRIBUTORS FOR BUSINESS GROWTH◄ On January 21st we were contacted by the President of a large public company in Texas on referral from a long-term client of ours based in Los Angeles.  His company is in significant growth mode and he posed a question facing all rapidly growing enterprises, sometimes without their knowledge at […]

Damage From Distraction

–DAMAGE FROM DISTRACTION- A significant challenge that we are frequently retained by clients in 6 countries to rectify is what they describe as “an inability to get things done around here as quickly as they need to be done”.  Their usually stated symptoms include reduced labor efficiency, increased variable expense, excess meetings, laborious decision making, […]

The Necessity Of Mandatory Execution

-THE NECESSITY OF MANDATORY EXECUTION- An increasingly frequent enterprise performance roadblock is that of individual leaders and/or leadership teams unable to get things done on a timely basis.  Analyses are completed, meetings occur, decisions are either avoided or delayed, lists of things waiting to be done lengthen, and results remain constant. One Midwest USA CEO […]

Executive Hiring…Improving Their Return On Your Investment

-EXECUTIVE HIRING…IMPROVING THEIR RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT- Our last article, “Ensuring That Your Performance And Reward Systems Do Not Do Compensatory Damage”, engendered a great deal of interest and a large number of readers asked us to specifically touch upon our experience and recommendations in the area of executive hiring and compensation. As a result, some […]

Ensuring That Your Reward And Performance Management Systems Do Not Create Compensatory Damage

-ENSURING YOUR REWARD SYSTEMS DO NO “COMPENSATORY DAMAGE”- A universal and expensive challenge for each and every business around the globe is that of compensating employees for their efforts. This challenge is more complex in the United States than in most other countries due to the convergence of federal, state and local laws and because […]

Proven Leadership Strategies During Challenging Economic Times

-PROVEN LEADERSHIP STRATEGIES DURING CHALLENGING TIMES- We have been in plenty of doors within almost every business sector and industry and have observed that not many organizational leaders have a strategy or plan for the near term, let alone the long term. There are many factors as to why, including fear of the unknown, the […]

Busyness…Its Impact On Your Organization

  Introduction Worker productivity is higher than it has ever been as companies have tightened their financial belts over the last 18 to 24 months. Individuals have been, and continue to perform their duties as well as the duties of others, as positions have been eliminated and not replaced. From a financial perspective, the good […]